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E-SIM: The Key Element of IoT Revolution

IoT is with no doubt the next big wave of the cellular technology revolution with an estimate of 50 billion IoT devices to be connected by 2020! With the wide variety of functions these devices perform – given their application across various industries such as smart home, smart cities, healthcare, energy and transportation – several factors will shape the future of this business, including on-demand connectivity and inter-operability. For those who still don't know, the e-SIM (embedded SIM) is simply an evolution of the traditional SIM card. It’s re-programmable and can support multiple profiles.

What is really stopping telcos from transforming themselves?

In a greatly evolving and unsettled industry, telcos face enormous challenges and opportunities at the same time. Thus in order to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities, telcos must evolve much more rapidly. Whether the change shall come in their business models or operational procedures, telcos should have quite a strong belief of their unique value propositions, and they need to assertively figure out which assets they can invest in, or else they will run the risk of not being able to compete anymore.