Multi IMSI Solution (Matrix IMSI)

The Matrix IMSI is a revolutionary technology allowing mobile operators subscribers to keep their own local SIM card anywhere they travel in the world for 95% less the regular tariffs.

The added-value of a Matrix IMSI SIM card is that it has multiple IMSI on a single SIM card. These IMSIs are provided by global donar mobile operators. When subscribers travel, they just need to turn their mobiles on and our system will automatically select the available IMSI having the lowest rate for this destination. Once connected to the designated network, subscribers will be able to roam at reduced rates!

Customers will enjoy the widest roaming network in the world with more than 600 global operators with reduced data, voice and SMS tariffs.

Major Differentiators

  • The Matrix IMSI is easy to implement as it uses a smart applet making International Roaming at low tariffs seamless for mobile subscribers.
  • The new SIM card needs to be printed only once, allowing subscribers to instantly benefit from a worldwide coverage.

Major Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Widen your global coverage.
  • Increase your traffic by attracting your competitors’ subscribers.
  • Offer attractive Roaming packages to your prepaid and postpaid subscribers at almost 90% off regular rates.
  • Use the Matrix IMSI as a back up to keep your subscribers connected in case of roaming errors or agreement cancellation with your direct partners, thus ensuring high levels of Qos

Geographic Coverage

The Matrix IMSI technology allows mobile operators to extend their coverage worldwide at competitive rates. In addition, Monty Mobile has recently added a growing range of European IMSIs allowing operators to benefit from reduced roaming tariffs in Europe.

We want your IMSI too!
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