Roaming Hub

Acting as a reliable Roaming Hub, Monty Mobile will provide Mobile Operators with the profitable opportunity of increasing their roaming footprint in a record time without having to manage tens of direct Roaming Agreements simultaneously.

Major Differentiators

  • Simple to implement, integrate and administer (simple network and billing configurations)
  • Customizable to individual operator requirements
  • Single clearing and settlement pool
  • SIM and IMSI remain unique and unchanged
  • Seamless for mobile operators’ subscribers

Major Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Increase your Outbound Roaming revenues
  • Widen your global data and SMS coverage
  • Increase your traffic by attracting your competitors’ subscribers
  • Reduce hassle, operational costs and efforts
  • Maintain your own roaming agreements
  • Get better discounts on inter-operator tariffs
  • Service available for prepaid and postpaid subscribers