Roaming Plus

One of the first things that a traveler thinks about is how to avoid high roaming charges and how to stay connected while he is abroad. Accordingly, roamers turn off data while traveling, and instead, buy local SIM cards at the destination country to be able to use data.

Roaming Plus is an International SIM Card that allows travelers to benefit from the most competitive international roaming rates to avoid roaming bill shock and buying local SIM cards. When the subscriber is abroad and turns on his mobile phone, our Roaming Plus system automatically looks for the best data rate - acquired from partner operators - and latches him to the appropriate network depending on the roamed destination. The subscriber can then enjoy seamless roaming experience, while consuming data globally at local rates.

Benefits to Reseller

  • Be part of the Telecom & Roaming Business
  • Generate more revenues
  • Monitor user’s activity
  • No Technical Requirements
  • Flexible Commercial Models

thumb Benefits to Traveler

  • Reduced Roaming rates by 95%
  • Voice, SMS, and Data
  • Global coverage and reliable connection
  • No need to purchase a local SIM card upon traveling or search for Wi-Fi spots
  • No roaming bill shock
  • Better roaming experience