Smart Wall (SMS Firewall)

“For Every Threat, We Build a Block”

Instead of investing millions of dollars to analyze traffic and fight fraud, our Smart Wall offers a set of intelligent blocks to build up a firewall aiming towards blocking SMS Fraud and Spam, securing your network, keeping your subscribers satisfied, and increasing your revenues.

Our Smart Wall is more than an SMS Firewall! It also acts as an intelligent analytical tool, offered with a minimum initial cost, and equipped with advanced monitoring and reporting modules.


• Holistic control of all types of SMS signaling

• Outbound Messages (FSM-MO MSU)
• HLR Messages (SRI-SM MSU)
• Inbound Messages (FSM-MT MSU)

• Matching Criteria

• Multiple criteria matching network rules
• Default predefined rules
• Customized rules

• SMS Firewall modules

• Online Filtering Module – Real-time
• Analysis and Filtering Actions
• Analysis and Alerting Module – Top-notch
• Traffic Monitoring and Customizable Alerting
• Reporting Module – Advanced Reporting
• Graphical Representation and Dashboards