SMS Management Platform

Our SMS Management Platform is a modular system that offers a full set of tools that can be used by a mobile operator, an aggregator, or a hub to fully manage the exchange of its SMS traffic. The platform can be integrated with any type of SMSC and any third party service, including HLR and MNP services, to cover and manage the complete cycle of the SMS exchange over any protocol: SMPP, SS7, and HTTP.

Our system communicates with the SMSC to process CDRs and provision routes, and allows the management of each interconnection with its business, technical, and commercial entities. This permits automated decision-making and guarantees loss-free operations.

Selling and buying routes is also made easier through our SMS Management Platform; in addition to rate planning, cost analysis, netting, credit limitation, deals management, and invoicing tools. Equipped with an advanced monitoring module that provides well-structured and up-to-date billing and quality monitoring reports, the user is always updated with the status of any deal.