Device Entitlement Server

An All-In-One Entitlement Server Solution

uPair is an entitlement server and service delivery framework that allows Telco network customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their wearable technology. It simplifies the integration and deployment of device pairing for network operators through a small set of easy-to-use APIs.

Our solution offers a cloud-native, low complexity, and cost-effective approach to device entitlement.

  • Entitlement and web sheet servers
  • Multi-OS device protocol support for entitlements
  • Entitlement access levels
  • Service & product eligibility
  • Web sheets for complex self-care and services

uPair supports Apple, Samsung, and Google devices. All secondary devices attached use an eSIM and share a single phone number, usually linked to the primary device.

Boost revenue and reduce costs using eSIM services

Our trusted and certified device entitlement solution is ideal for operators, since it allows them to penetrate the market with innovative new products, revenue streams, and services such as device pairing.

uPair also enables mobile network operators to identify which subscribers are eligible for a new service, inform the user of the service accordingly, and then remotely activate the service (e.g. remote device pairing & activation).

By incorporating digital, remotely accessible eSIM activation and data plan provisioning for multiple devices, you offer a superior user experience that helps attract and retain customers.

Key uPair Features

  • Device entitlement protocols
  • Network authentication
  • Inventory management
  • eSIM refresh and MSISDN lifecycle management
  • Push notifications and SMS
  • Reporting, alarms, and analytics
  • Industry standard TMF interfaces
  • Cloud-Native microservices architecture
  • Multi-tenanted solution for multi-brand support and wholesale revenue models
  • Support for seamless handset swap using eSIM for Apple devices
  • Telco-grade solution with high availability and 24/7 support

By delivering a cloud-native solution, Monty Mobile’s eSIM entitlement server reduces deployment costs.

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