Monty Mobile and Jawwal Palestine, the first GSM operator in Palestine, are proud to announce the launch of Palestine’s first eSIM service using Monty Mobile’s GSMA accredited (SAS-SM) consumer eSIM solution.
The shift from physical SIM to the digital eSIM is promising! It is set to transform the mobile industry, giving subscribers a convenient one-click service and offering new business opportunities for MNOs and MVNOs.
This new launch allows smartphone owners with the latest Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Google Pixel, etc. to sign up for Jawwal’s eSIM service simply through scanning the eSIM activation (QR) code.

Commenting on this collaboration, Mr. Iyas Qasas, Marketing Director at Jawwal Palestine, says: "We are extremely proud to be the first offering eSIM services in Palestine. We always partner with experienced international companies to offer our customers with the newest technologies in order to expand our digital services portfolio enhancing customer experience."