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A2P Messaging has never been so efficient! Through our omnichannel platform, you’ll offer customers the best experience and ensure the delivery of SMS via appropriate routes into client networks.

Support for all

No one is left behind! Our highly available A2P messaging platform supports all types of messages, from multilingual text messages to Unicode and concatenated text messages. It also enables interconnection with the major SMS aggregators and MNOs while ensuring the proper routing of A2P traffic received from different sources to various destinations. Additionally, we offer OMNI and A2P services for both OTT and international clients, providing a comprehensive solution for all their messaging needs.

Power is key!

Our platform is extremely powerful and efficient and can deliver thousands of SMS per second and send immediate or scheduled SMS as well. Moreover, it offers full support for DLR messages, reports for launched campaigns, URL tracking, and message previews. And with a built-in HTTP API, it allows traffic acceptance from any third-party application with internet connectivity.
Last but not least, our A2P messaging platform is capable of applying different sender IDs for messages, setting the validity period for undelivered SMS, and setting message sending speed. All you need right at your fingertips!

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