With Credit+, you will be able to increase your eligible subscribers’ credit limit while offering them the chance to benefit from the repayment instalment option; this way they get to spend more and stress less! By providing subscribers with an optional extra credit amount or other bundles which they can settle through monthly payments, this easily integrated service will boost your revenues and enhance customer loyalty.

VAS & bundles

Keep your subscribers active

Upon eligibility, users can subscribe to any VAS service or renew it with the extra credit offered by the operator that can be settled with the preferred repayment plan. This way the operator gets to increase service usage while helping customers cover their subscriptions during emergencies.

Buy now,
pay later through MVCC

Secure & easy banking

MVCC (Monty Mobile’s Virtual Credit Card) enables eligible subscribers to complete their purchases by offering them credit card services. MVCC is not only a great digital payment solution, but it is also the smoothest and most secure way for mobile subscribers to get what they want now and pay in installments through Credit+.
By partnering with retailers all over the world, MVCC makes it easy for mobile subscribers to choose their favorite payment method upon checkout. The mobile app also offers flexible online payment options, anywhere and with no additional fees!

Credit+ UP!
utility payment plan

Never miss a payment again

Allow subscribers to settle any utility invoice from the comfort of their operator’s mobile application anytime, anywhere.
Through Credit+ UP, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a service that every subscriber needs. In addition, prepaid subscribers get to settle unpaid previous utility bills or postpone any current bill, facilitating all government-related payments.

Device Lending

Facilitate the purchase of mobile devices

Device Lending service offers subscribers the opportunity to purchase mobile devices at affordable rates and with payment facilities. Eligibility is based on Monty Mobile’s analytics and scoring algorithm. The service grants subscribers the possibility of settling their device purchases in monthly instalments, even in case the mobile operator has an existing device provider.

Enhance your customers’ experience


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