Unleash the Power
of Data Suite

Monetize out-of-data

Convenience, convenience, convenience. With Monty Mobile, being out of data is no longer a hassle. Our all-inclusive Data Suite offers you a unique opportunity to keep your subscribers digitally connected even when out of credits.

Data Lending

Keep your subscribers connected

Enable subscribers to request and receive a Data loan to stay digitally connected. All you need is our smart credit scoring system that profiles and scores your customers to boost their MBs accordingly. Therefore, you will not handle any bad debt.

Data Transfer

Lending a helping hand

Someone’s low on data? Bring it up!
With Data Transfer, subscribers can transfer data to each other from their current data plans, through SMS, USSD or mobile app. It’s quick & easy!

Data Gifting

The gift that matters

Data Gifting allows a subscriber to purchase a data bundle for another on-net subscriber as a “gift”. Once it’s done, Monty Mobile will notify the receiver of the data gift.
The freedom to gift mobile data enhances the mobile user experience and drives data consumption, while increasing subscribers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

P2P Data

A connected network

P2P Data allows on-net subscribers to request extra data from their peers through the service application. Mobile users with data in their balance can accept the request and get rewarded for connecting users.

Data Sharing

Sharing is caring!

Data Sharing enables subscribers to share their data plans with family members and friends. It allows both prepaid and post-paid subscribers to buy primary data bundles to be shared with secondary accounts.

Enhance your customers’ experience


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