Drive Success with
Flash Call Solution

Fight against unmonetized channels
and secure your A2P SMS revenue
with our flash call solution.

What is Flash Call Blocking?

Flash Calls is a zero-rated channel being used to bypass A2P SMS verification traffic, directly impacting operators’ revenues when it comes to the monetization of international A2P traffic. Flash Call Blocking solution is developed to stop all illegitimate calls to protect the operator’s A2P revenue.

Enhance your network security

Fight flash call threats with a solution that matches expectations and offers the security upgrade your network needs. With our advanced system combining different criteria in real-time, never allow another flash call to reach your subscribers. Instantly block incoming fraudulent calls while safeguarding your valuable revenue stream and monetizing your A2P SMS. In addition, this solution is customized to match your technical setup and requirements.

Main features

Immediate call blocking


Smart detection criteria

Fight fraud before it even starts


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