Grow closer to
your users

Connect with your audience on a personal level

Offer the best experience onLINE!

LINE is extremely popular in Southeast Asia, so if you’re targeting countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, or Taiwan, LINE is the perfect business app for you!
Deliver the best customer experience as you use a variety of interaction options to offer your customers the best services every step of the way.

Grab their attention from the start

You can send and receive any type of message, from texts, images, and documents, to audio, and videos. This allows you to engage more with clients, increase brand awareness and build a loyal customer base. Plus, there is always a high rate of brand messages being read on LINE, so promoting your business there will definitely guarantee a boost in your sales!

An extra push

You can also integrate a chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions on LINE, and easily handover to live agents without losing conversation history or context. This kind of personalized 24/7 support boosts customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back.

Give them the support they deserve

Reach millions of users and manage all messages sent to them from a unified workspace where the team can access conversation history, customer profiles, message templates, and more to provide personalized support!

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