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with Live Chat

Try as you might, you’ll never replace humans.

The human element

Offering any kind of support is important, however, nothing beats human help, and live chat customer service is there to provide just that!
Increase customer engagement, conversion, and retention by integrating live chat into your communication strategy, and improve the performance of your website and apps.

A seamless journey

The key is to constantly support and engage with your users. By providing uninterrupted service, using a chatbot and live-agent takeover, you’ll improve each touchpoint along the whole customer journey! This allows you to track customers’ satisfaction and get their feedback for better insights to improve their experience.

Offer good company

At the end of the day, it’s important to make a good first impression, because it could turn a one-time visitor into a significant lead, so be available right away to respond to inquiries and provide assistance. It would be a waste to lose sales because a client just can’t find what they’re looking for! With Live Chat, keep them company from the start so they leave your website or mobile app satisfied.

Supervise and monitor

Our Live Chat feature allows the manager to supervise the chats instantly especially in case misunderstandings occur. Moreover, you can set routing based on chat content to send the conversation to the right queue and agent, so no delays or problems happen.

With this chat widget always available on your website or mobile app, customers will feel more at ease and satisfied with the experience. Plus, you can track and monitor Live Chat metrics in real-time, browse conversation history by date, agent, or customer and create reports, for the most seamless journey for you and your clients!

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