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Embrace the Massive Fintech Wave Now!
Pursue new ways for revenue generation
by entering the empire of financial services.

Unlocking Fintech opportunities with our product:

  • Capture high growth revenue streams
  • Personalize customer experience
  • Take advantage of the demographic trends
  • Increase financial inclusion

No Matter Where You Currently Are in Your Digital Transformation Journey, We Can Get You There Faster!

We enable non-financial service providers to offer financial services with our Digital Channel and Banking as a Service (BaaS) model. By leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, MDBS, and the network of our partnerships, you will finally be able to enrich your product offering, and upgrade to an ultimate banking experience.

Partnership Over Profit
Unleash Your Investment Potential with Tailored Fintech Solutions

Our proposition is designed to cater to your unique investment needs, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience as Monty Mobile bears investment requirements and manages the full proposition on your behalf.

Our motto is simple: Integrate now, share revenues later.

By seamlessly integrating our fintech solutions into your existing infrastructure, we empower you to leverage the full potential of our advanced tools and technologies.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We understand that tangible results matter. That’s why we focus on driving growth and increasing your revenues. Our tailored fintech solutions are designed to optimize your business operations, enhance customer experiences, and generate sustainable returns.

Shared Revenue Model

What truly sets us apart is our shared revenue model. We believe in rewarding our clients for their trust and collaboration. As your business thrives and achieves remarkable success, we celebrate together. Through our shared profits program, you’ll reap the rewards of your investments, creating a win-win scenario where both parties benefit from the fruits of our partnership.

Your Future in Fintech Is Now! Join the Trillion Dollar Industry!

Whether you’re already in Financial Services or breaking into the Fintech realm, our international reach empowers you to become a global player, serving customers worldwide.

  • Fast and Flexible Digital Banking Solution
  • Solution based on API Framework
  • Indispensable Service and/or Product Stacks
  • No room for unpredictable volatility in your business
  • Minimized uncertainty by presenting realistic forecasts
  • Strengthened Loyalty and customer satisfaction

Transform into a Bank

We aim to transform Telcos into Banks by powering licensed and non-licensed Mobile Network Operators to offer a convenient digital banking experience. Our technology stack and Banking-as-a-service platform enable Telcos to venture into the embedded finance world.

As Revenue diversification has become a strategic focus for major operators, introducing features and technologies that go beyond simple core services, MDBS can help you fight competitive markets & falling ARPUs, lack of revenue growth and inflation.

  • Capture new high growth revenue streams
  • Leverage your huge database to ensure success
  • Acquire Financial License through our advisory Arm
  • Increase customer acquisition with bank account bundles with telecom services
  • Drive customer retention
  • Take advantage of data opportunities to access consumers’ spending habits and generate insight & cross-selling opportunities
  • Generate additional revenues by diversifying your product portfolio
  • Stand-out from competition
  • Reduce churn and attract new audiences
  • Extend your market share and customer lifecycle, keeping CAPEX low and ROI
  • Offer 100% secure platform for your subscribers to manage their finances with ease.

AI & Smart Scoring

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the secret weapon of the digital transformation in the banking industry. Using Monty Mobile’s AI analytical solutions, Telcos will be able to:

  • Maximize revenues and minimize risks
  • Enhance the overall customer experience and even
  • Incite specific behavioral patterns to drive positive results
  • Take advantage of customer data to score their subscribers based on their creditworthiness
  • Provide personalized and proactive banking services to your subscribers
  • Become a truly customer-centric banking application

Digital Banking

  • Simple and intuitive user experience across all devices
  • Customer-centric web and mobile banking applications
  • Modern and advanced architecture
  • All functionalities your subscribers need in the palm of their hands


  • Offer Seamless and stress-free financial experience
  • Grant basic transactions, sophisticated budgeting, and goal setting
  • Enable financial freedom
  • Give subscriber the ability to open multiple wallets, each serving as a distinct account
  • Let them take control of their finances like never before
  • Enable them to track and manage spending, define budget limits, and set goals for each wallet

Payments & Remittance

  • Offer a wide range of payment solutions, including split payments and utility bill payments
  • Enable subscribers to manage their finances and bills
  • Allow subscriber to transfer funds to other accounts within the app (wallet-to-wallet) or to external accounts with the money transfer feature
  • Let them conveniently manage and store funds in their virtual wallets with the wallet management feature
  • Provide a secure and easy-to-use platform for financial transactions
  • Give cross-border remittance options
  • Offer the most convenient and cost-effective way for subscribers to transfer funds internationally

Retail Banking

With the convenience of mobile and web apps, your subscribers can effortlessly manage their accounts and finances anytime, anywhere.

  • A comprehensive range of retail banking services
  • Saving accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Salary accounts
  • Virtual debit cards
  • Deposits

Junior Accounts

With the convenience of mobile and web apps, your subscribers can:

  • Manage their children’s finances
  • Monitor their accounts
  • Track their expenses
  • Transfer funds seamlessly

Business Banking

With MDBS, MNOs can expect a comprehensive suite of business banking services with reconciliation tools to help subscribers keep track of their transactions and business expenses.

  • Checking accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Overdrafts
  • Loans
  • Invoicing and collection features

Digital Lending & BNPL

Why settle for an outdated lending process when you can embrace a smart AI-powered lending solution that delivers tangible results?

  • Free your subscribers from traditional loan origination
  • Increase in investment due to loan flexibility
  • Widen credit access to underbanked and unbanked communities
  • Offer them a hassle-free digital lending experience
  • Improve your overall business performance
  • Drive conversion and revenue growth
  • Tailor your offers to specific customer segments
  • Access ready-made management views and reporting tools
  • Enjoy a ’minimum-risk’ lending platform

Our Lending Services include:

  • Loans (Personal, housing, vehicle)
  • Mortgage
  • Corporate loans
  • Capital loans

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) for Lending

  • Create value from your rich data sets
  • AI Credit Scoring: Score your subscribers based on their creditworthiness, maximizing revenues and reducing risks
  • Transform into an AI Digital Bank
  • Reduce NPAs

Bigger, Better, and Smarter Lending with AI

  • Higher chance of being funded
  • Faster funding decision
  • Advanced scoring techniques
  • Releasing collateral restraints
  • Ideal solution that meets urgent liquidity needs

Automated Card Management System

Unlock the power of automated card management and settlement with our CMS – designed to handle all types of cards, from prepaid and credit to debit, both virtual and physical.

  • Fully customizable system seamlessly
  • Integrates with MNOs existing setup
  • Provides integrated support
  • Offers the latest card technologies such as chip, contactless, biometric, NFC, and more.

Payment Gateway

Stay ahead of your competitors with our fully customizable white label solution.

  • One simple integration
  • Access to our 200+ ready-made connectors to banks and payment methods
  • PCI DSS compliant payment platform
  • Allows subscribers to cater to international customers
  • Enables them to expand their business

Safety & Security

MDBS prioritizes the safety and security of your subscribers with a range of measures and a comprehensive and user-friendly banking experience.

  • Compliance with financial regulations
  • Transaction and fraud monitoring
  • Insurance coverage
  • Security of subscribers’ financial transactions
  • Two-factor authentication and QR code payments

White-Label Web Interface

MDBS is a truly customer-centric banking application that offers a wide range of essential banking functionalities to MNOs.

  • Seamless built-in onboarding process
  • Functional design and user-friendly interface

Whether already offering Financial Services or still paving your way into the fintech world, MDBS offers you the possibility to acquire a global presence, omitting geolocation barriers of connectivity and reach.

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