Get ready to expand
your reach and make
your business global.

Leverage the popularity of Facebook Messenger
for Business to create meaningful conversations.

Just like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is very popular and used by almost everyone. Accordingly, Messenger could be a great way to communicate with customers, and, as you may know, the more customers contact and communicate with a business, the greater the rates of customer retention.

Extend your horizons

Easy & familiar to use. Facebook Messenger allows you to expand your reach and grow your bottom lines.

Have them chat with
the bot or even humans!

It isn’t easy to do everything yourself! We help you create a chatbot to answer the most commonly asked questions directly on Messenger, with the possibility of transferring to human operators without losing context.
Moreover, we allow you to manage all Messenger messages from a unified workspace where the team can access conversation history, customer profiles, message templates, and more to provide personalized support.
If that doesn’t make it convenient enough, you can also use predefined quick replies and buttons to make communication with your customers easy, plus, you can add tags to conversations and check conversation logs.

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