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Through our extensive app center, you have the chance to install numerous features and channels so you can use the one that suits you best!

The app center contains the below categories:

CRM & Ticketing

In the CRM & Ticketing category, you can find your favorite platforms, such as:

– Zendesk
– HubSpot
– Salesforce
– Freshdesk
– Dynamic 365

These integrations allow you to:

– Create new contacts and update contact data in CRM
– Create new tickets or synchronize and update ticket status
– View chat history after an issue is successfully resolved
In the case of Salesforce, you can also create new leads, or synchronize and update leads’ status in CRM


In the Channel category, you’ll find your favorite channels, such as:

– Twitter
– Google Play Store
– Zalo
– Slack
– YouTube Comment
– Mobile Live Widget
– Tokopedia Chat
– Microsoft Teams
– Web Live Widget
– Skype

While using these channels, you can directly:

– Manage your accounts easily with one single dashboard
– Support and respond to all types of messages
– Receive, view, and respond to user reviews in real-time
– See and respond to comments
– Enable a safer and more convenient shopping experience


In the Chatbot category, you can browse and choose the one that suits your needs. The available chatbots are provided by:

– Robolabs
– Kata AI
– Talkabot
– AI Chat
– Rinna

Easily build your own chatbot through our Messaging communication platform and benefit from many features depending on the chatbot you choose. These features include:

– Automatic informational and common transactional cases, allowing your agents to focus on specialized and uncommon cases through a messaging interface
– Faster, more responsive customer service that combines the best of both worlds: Human Intelligence and Machine Learning, as the AI learns from every agent and customer interaction
– Automatic transcriber machine, turning voice from conversation or audio recordings into text, in real-time using Automatic Speech Recognition
– Automatic gathering of various applications in one place, automation of messages, and analysis of customer and admin data
– Automatic business processes in customer service, marketing, and commerce through social messaging applications
– Exclusive hybrid A.I technology with built-in and industry-specific capabilities, including B2C Retail, FMCG, Hospitality, and Automotive business types. Equipped with natural language understanding, AI collaboration with humans, multi-language support, sentiment analysis to spell checking
– Humanistic AI conversation for ASEAN languages
– Conversation Analytics, low-cost machine learning classification at scale
– Conversational Ads, leverage ads within the conversation that drives the personalized message

Agent Allocation

Our Messaging communication platform allocates available agents by automatically assigning an unengaged or less occupied agent to a newly created chat. However, you can customize this rule, and create a webhook that manages how your agents are assigned.


CSAT is short for Customer Satisfaction, which is a commonly used key performance indicator used to measure how happy consumers are with the goods and/or services provided by your business.

Our Messaging communication platform has been integrated with this satisfaction level survey so that consumers may quickly and simply evaluate and review your service or product.

We provide three different types of ratings so you may assess your services and goods and select the ones that best meet your needs as a business. They are as follows:
– Numbers, if you require greater scaling from 1 – 10
– Stars, if you need a medium scaling range from 1 – 5
– Emojis, if you prefer to go with an absolute score between satisfied or dissatisfied

You may get the customer satisfaction result in the custom Analytics menu found in our Analytics.

Custom Data and Analytics

There is a wealth of conversational data available on our platform, including room information, agent response times, availability logs, outgoing logs, etc. to make data easier for people to read and understand.
However, users occasionally want additional in-depth information and complex use cases, maybe in the form of analytics that display and integrate data from our Messaging communication platform with data from other services. To meet this requirement, you can enable and utilize Custom Analytics to convert data into the required form in accordance with your company’s needs.

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