Accelerate Your Growth
with Monty Virtual
Ccredit Card (MVCC)

Access the world of Fintech.
Monty Mobile’s Virtual Credit Card
is especially designed for mobile operators

Fast & reliable banking
for all

Enable the unbanked subscribers by offering them credit card services to complete their purchases, with no disruption to existing merchant infrastructure, while incentivizing all stakeholders.

Payment through

Monty Mobile’s Virtual Credit Card can be easily integrated into any existing or future mobile financial service or digital wallet provided by mobile operators, with all payments going through them used on thousands of websites and applications in multiple currencies.

Intelligent scoring

With MVCC you can now reward your loyal customers identified through our M-Analytics scoring engine, by giving them extra incentives and benefits through the card. Subscribers with good on-network history will be selected to have the Virtual Credit Card regardless of their financial and banking record.
MVCC therefore, grants unbanked subscribers access to new payment methods, leaving no one unbanked.

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