Buy Now, Pay Later
with PayForU

A nano loan makes
a massive difference

What is PayforU?

Ever wanted to buy something but just needed that little extra push? With Monty Mobile’s PayforU you can now buy any product whether online or offline through our nano loan!
Whether PayforU is implemented within the operator’s existing wallet or used via our stand-alone app, subscribers can request a loan, buy a product, and pay later through installments, with our BNPL feature (Buy Now Pay Later).

Customer eligibility

How does Monty Mobile make sure that the customer will be able to pay back the loan?
The process is simple, eligible customers are selected based on a scoring mechanism.
Subscribers can also request a nano loan via the existing Wallet. In this case, the system will check if they are eligible for the loan or not.

Main features


The system is implemented with the operator to check the subscriber’s eligibility

PayforU engine

The engine is integrated with the existing wallet solution, it allows the transfer of the needed amount to the subscriber


PayforU application serves as a stand-alone app within the wallet, to provide users with nano loans.


The reporting portal allows operators to track the details and monitor the reports of the PayForU service.

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