Say Goodbye To
Default Ringtones
with RBT Services

Express yourself with songs, videos,
messages, games and texts.

Let’s get personal

Let your subscribers entertain their callers however they see fit!
Offer them a wide range of content and personalization tools to replace their ring tones, and assign customized ones to different callers or even groups of callers.

Four calling experiences,
endless possibilities.


Keep your callers entertained

Grant your callers the chance to reflect their personalities by customizing their ringback tones.
They can select a tune from the library or personalize it to their liking.


Every call has a story!

Make your callers enjoy the wait, and let them watch stories before they pick up.
Your subscribers can personalize it with their own video or pick one from the wide in-app library.


It’s just a waiting game now

Entertain your callers during the call wait-time by playing games and collecting points that will be redeemable with free gifts!


Mark your signature

Allow your subscribers to display personalized pop-up messages, statuses, and greetings on their callers’ screens when calling or receiving calls.


Enhance and consolidate your company’s image

Boost brands with Enterprise RBT: companies can convert their employees’ mobile phones into a new advertising channel with the aim of boosting awareness.
Considering that cell phones are the primary communication tool worldwide, ringback tones are deemed a very effective and inexpensive advertising channel for enterprises today. With enterprise RBT, employees indirectly become the ads’ transmitters at no additional cost.

Enterprise features include:

– Various formats to select from: text, audio, or video RBT
– Default RBT: to be played on all employees’ mobile handsets
– Schedule RBT: to be played within working hours
Enterprise RBT competes with long-standing advertising mediums such as TV, radio, billboards, and digital advertisements, offering MNOs a new way to further monetize calls through ad profits.

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