Shield your network and drive new revenues

The SMS Firewall every mobile operator needs!

Our in-house developed SMS Firewall “Smartwall” helps you eliminate all messaging threats while securing your network and protecting your subscribers. Equipped with the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies, our SMS firewall goes beyond protecting you against ordinary attacks by using top-of-the-line technologies to filter spam messages (SMS filter) and block unwanted texts in real-time. In addition to spam detection, you will be able to monetize your A2P messaging.

Leakages? No more!

Improved security means no more leakages and an enhanced customer experience, all leading to an increase in revenues. Eliminate the risk of illegitimate traffic and stop revenue leakage by protecting and monetizing your SMS traffic. You will also benefit from a complete service provided by our dedicated team that will monitor the SMS firewall performance and update the blocking rules daily while making sure that leakages are managed promptly.

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