Boost your
enterprise business today

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of your
SMS business

Monty Mobile’s SMS Management Platform offers you the needed tools to expand your business. This advanced and flexible SMS gateway allows you to control and monitor routed SMS traffic, whilst tracking the billing status of all your accounts.

your reach

Another perk, you can engage and interact with your consumers wherever they are. Our advanced messaging platform solution is at your service, including high reach, quality, scalability, and local expertise, to easily support your business needs and most importantly enhance your revenues.

Security first and foremost

Our SMS Management Platform is all about keeping SMS originated from OTTs, enterprises, users, and advertisers on a secure platform, thus enabling their efficient monetization.
With the safety and security of our users being at the core of our services, we automate your operations and help you monitor SMS traffic.

One SMS platform
to manage it all

A modular system composed of various tools that cover the complete work cycle of the SMS exchange business.
Through our SMS platform, entrepreneurs and businesses can allow the automation of decision-making, while avoiding the loss of operations and guaranteeing the best profits through advanced SMS billing software and SMS invoicing. They can also see the updated status of any deal through a monitoring module that reads from a data warehouse, with remote access anywhere, anytime.

Overcome network,
operational, and
business challenges

Our SMS platform is equipped with up-to-date features that will enable you to overcome any challenges.
It also ensures fast and successful delivery of every message, every time.

High availability,
full scalability

Support of both SMPP/HTTP protocols

  • Very high throughput
  • Advanced SMS routing
  • MO/MT two-way communication module
  • Permission-based role management
  • Do not disturb service
  • SMS Firewall blocking for spam
  • MNP/HLR services management

International security 

Real-time analytics, delivery reports, and high international compliance.
Our advanced security system is constantly updated to apply all the latest regulations and requirements, in addition to on-time alerts and notifications and live monitoring of SMS traffic.

A platform crafted to your specific needs


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