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It’s no secret that Telegram is gaining popularity all over the globe because of its safe, fast, and private features, so it is important to leverage the power of this app to communicate more efficiently with your customers and enhance their experience.
In other words, customers satisfaction is a must! With effective communication, not only do you meet their expectations but also leave a positive impression about the company’s image, which is essential to help the brand remain memorable among its consumers

Safe and reliable

Send and receive text messages, images, documents, audio, and even videos with an encrypted conversation, so that your clients can always feel safe!

Deliver an
exceptional experience

Do you want to answer the most commonly asked questions directly on Telegram? We’ve got your back! We’ll help you create a chatbot for that purpose, with the possibility of transferring to human operators without losing context.
You will also be able to provide customized support, by managing all Telegram conversations from a centralized workspace where the team can access discussion history, customer profiles, message templates, and more.
Moreover, this service allows you to send or share a file of up to 2GB, add tags to conversations, and check conversation logs.

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