Leverage the power
of instant access

The faster you connect with
your customers the better!

Sometimes all you need is a “little” help

The little “Help” bubble on the bottom corner of a website could really change things up for your customers and lead to huge returns for your business!

Reduce support volume and increase engagement

Offer your users direct access to you and help them easily browse through any information they require, without the need to scroll through your page for the FAQ section.

Enhance customer conversation

Although they might seem to have a little or no impact, in reality, they can make access to customer support simpler as they help drive sales and answer common questions! They most frequently nudge customers to use self-service resources, allow visitors to easily message your team, and enable them to start a live chat conversation. The goal is to support customers with as little friction as possible, helping them find answers without the need to email you or reach out through social media and wait for a response. It’s a win-win situation!

Don’t waste any more time

Install the Widget code easily by pasting the script inside the “body” tag upload, configure its appearance via the widget builder configuration, and make sure the toggle on your widget channel is enabled to ensure that your widget channel is active and usable.
Finally, assign it to a chatbot or an agent and offer your users extra help for the best experience they can ask for!

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