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Centralized Virtual Management - CVM

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Monty Mobile stands at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, setting new benchmarks with our groundbreaking, in-house customized telecom solutions. With a relentless drive for improvement, we have established ourselves as a prominent market force, driven by our commitment to delivering professional customer service that goes above and beyond.

Shared Revenue Model

integrate now, share revenues later!
Our proposition is designed to cater to your unique investment needs, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience as Monty Mobile bears investment requirements and manages the full proposition on your behalf. As your business thrives and achieves remarkable success, we celebrate together. Through our shared profits program, you’ll reap the rewards of your investments, creating a win-win scenario where both parties benefit from the fruits of our partnership.

Quality Service Through Customized Solutions

We understand that every customer, operator, and business partner is unique, and we strive to provide you with an optimal experience that not only offers the highest quality service but greatly improves your return on investment.

Serving Customers Across Boundaries

With a global network of offices spanning across the world, we are dedicated to serving you wherever you are. We bring innovative telecom solutions to your doorstep, providing you with the best possible digital technologies.

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Top-tier Products

Mobile Operator Management

At Monty Mobile, our vision is to empower Mobile Network Operators to unlock their full potential and thrive in the rapidly evolving telecom industry. We believe that our Operator Management Business Unit plays a critical role in achieving this vision.

Wireless Network ICT Solutions

With a strong focus on core network ICT solutions, we offer state-of-the-art Online Charging System (OCS) and Business Support System (BSS) solutions to empower operators with advanced capabilities and seamless customer experiences. Our OCS solution ensures real-time charging and billing accuracy, allowing operators to efficiently monetize their services and offer flexible pricing options to their subscribers. Additionally, our comprehensive BSS platform streamlines critical business operations such as customer management, revenue assurance, and service provisioning.

Fintech – MDBS

Mobile Digital Banking Services

MDBS is a cost-effective solution for MNOs to enable users to pay, receive, transfer, and store money using their personal accounts. By implementing MDBS, you offer your subscribers access to a reliable and convenient medium that seamlessly integrates into every aspect of their lives, delivering innovation and real customer value.


  • AI & Smart Scoring
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Digital Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Junior Account
  • Digital Lending
  • Automated Card Management System
  • e-Wallet
  • Payment gateway
Centralized Virtual Management - CVM

Unlock the power of big data analytics and drive your business forward with our cutting-edge OMNI-AI-based solutions. Our company provides a range of big data analytics services designed to help you drive your business forward using cutting-edge OMNI-AI-based solutions. Our suite of innovative tools includes:

  • eCVM
  • 24/7 Smart Customer Support and Sales
  • Churn Management
  • Credit Scoring Automation
  • Smart Analytical Dashboard
  • Content Curation Capabilities


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