Monty Mobile Announces Offering 5G to Operators  

5G is making its way further into more devices, applications, industries, and sectors. In fact by mid-2022 one out of 2 smartphones will be able to support 5G globally as 40% of all devices are starting to work their way to 5G compatibility.

The evolution of networks from one generation to the next has significant potential for Operators. This will help them expand their services and provide improved performance to their subscribers. The challenge for those operators to adapt their network to this new technology and prepare themselves to offer 5G services.

Monty Mobile's 5G

Monty Mobile introduces a new opportunity for Operators to benefit from the 5G race with 5G from Monty Mobile. Operators will be able to monetize their networks the right way. Monty Mobile will be providing Operators with the needed software & hardware requirements that are usually too costly but essential to deploy the infrastructure for 5G.

5G will be Supporting the LTE Networks of operators with its complete end-to-end solution. It will be released mid-July 2022 from Monty Mobile and will be smoothly integrated with the Operator’s existing network.
This while also identifying and deploying Monty sites where there would be remarkable traffic.

This allows operators to expand their geographic coverage to reach rural areas as 5G can operate over a wider range of radio frequencies than previous systems have done. Operators will be able to increase their revenue, reach, and presence in rural areas.

With this step forward, Monty Mobile will enable mobile operators to keep up with the market changes while embarking on a new partnership that promises better revenues and opportunities for technology and connectivity.

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