Developing a marketing plan with a solid communication platform that generates leads is one of the best ways to boost revenues for any company. To attract and retain customers, businesses must prioritize the customer experience throughout the sales process, from pre-sales to post-sales phases. This involves understanding and anticipating the needs and preferences of the customer, providing personalized communication, helpful resources, and resolving issues empathetically. By doing so, businesses can build lasting relationships with customers, increase customer satisfaction, and improve lead conversions. Prioritizing the customer experience also helps businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors and establish a reputation as a customer-centric brand.

The power of conversation

The power of communication has always been beneficial in business as it creates and sustains strong relationships with consumers. By generating helpful communication that meets the needs of the customer, your business will build and sustain connections with current or future customers. Therefore, every interaction you have with a client is a chance to strengthen and grow consumer confidence in your company.

An Advanced Communication platform that elevates the customer’s journey

According to Qualtrics XM, up to 89% of companies have improved financial performance by offering a great conversational experience at every point in the customer journey.

Pre-Sales Stage: In this phase, the company must establish a positive consumer experience. This may be achieved by offering a quick, brief, and memorable conversational experience, giving them accurate information, and responding to all inquiries about goods or services. Moreover, presenting relevant information quickly is simple with the auto-responder functionality of the WhatsApp Business API integrated with Monty Communication Platform. Furthermore, you can also make use of AI technologies, such as chatbots, to optimize the service at this stage.

Sales Stage: At this point, the company must be able to respond to every communication accurately, promptly, and in real time. With Monty Communication Platform’s human-bot cooperation feature, it is possible to precisely determine what the customers’ demands are. With this functionality, you may combine the speed of bot responses to handle straightforward and typical questions, while more complicated communications will be automatically forwarded to agents. By doing this, you can ensure that you won't miss any chances to turn leads into paying consumers.

Post-Sales Stage: At this point, transactional communication takes place, such as sending delivery notifications, digital receipts, discounts to devoted customers, and any other message that benefits the consumer or encourages them to come back. The Monty Communication Platform makes it possible to send customer satisfaction surveys during the post-sales phase, which gives you the chance to assess your services and aid in creating a better corporate communication plan.

Be present everywhere!

It is simpler for customers to contact businesses that are present on all chat platforms and applications, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Additionally, customers are more likely to trust brands that are present across a variety of channels. This, however, might create new challenges. Naturally, having so many platforms from which you receive communications may sometimes be overwhelming, thus negatively impacting business performance, especially when it comes to being able to respond to every customer. This will inevitably slow down the rate at which leads are converted.

Convert leads with Monty Communication Platform

Businesses must be prepared to facilitate interactions with consumers and potential customers if they want to provide a real-time conversational experience. Monty Communication Platform's capabilities enable your company to respond to all communications from a single dashboard, enabling your business to provide the best service throughout every customer's journey, speeding up the lead conversion process.