The non-detection of SMS grey routes is still causing huge revenue losses for operators because of International A2P messages being terminated at low or no cost. With the growing volume of SMS delivered through A2P messaging, there is also a growing threat, more grey routes and a need to establish legitimate International A2P SMS routes.  

Monty Mobile provides the expertise and knowledge you need. We allow you to take full command of your network while making sure that every International A2P SMS is monetized. Our sophisticated solution guarantees the delivery of International A2P SMS. In addition it ensures that operators receive their full share with no SMS lost.

Simple solution, big profits

Monty Mobile’s powerful International A2P SMS solution has a long-proven record of effectiveness. Our solution provides operators with all the needed tools to stop leakages. “Smartwall”, our in-house developed SMS firewall is able to detect all types of fraud, spam messaging, leakages, grey routes and sim boxes.  

What are you still waiting for?

In order to capture all the opportunities that International A2P SMS monetization can provide and take full control over their network, Operators must shift their focus to a firewall that can prevent loss of revenue due to grey routes and fraud.

The future of A2P messaging is still promising. Now more than ever SMS solutions revolve around businesses, enterprises, and brands. So where will you stand in this evolution?