In messaging communication platforms, this means businesses can send out the same message on multiple channels simultaneously. Indeed, with so many ways to reach out to consumers, it is challenging to choose the best strategy. While some may prefer to choose one or two messaging channels, more businesses are turning to messaging communication platforms. Most businesses understand that the more a message is seen, the more likely it is to generate the desired outcome.

Why use a communication platform marketing?

Communication platforms marketing branding, messaging and both online and offline engagement channels deliver a cohesive and continuous conversation as the consumer moves through the sales funnel. Overall, this provides a more impactful customer experience, and as data had recently shown, a more effective one too.
Customers can now reply to your ads on their chosen channels using a simple and powerful user interface. Build an easy customer journey helping clients reach all interactions through Monty's Communication Platform in an easy and seamless way.

A cloud connection platform to the world

With Monty’s Communication platform, you can now expand and optimize your range of offerings while enhancing customer conversation.

You can also benefit from our various channels such as WhatsApp for Business, Viber for Business, Telegram, Chatbots, Instagram, Line, Messenger, Twitter, and email, to name a few, to offer an efficient and structured customer support and serve them in the best possible way.

Monty’s Communication platform provides enterprises with the possibility to utilize more than 20 channels to communicate with your client. It is specially customized to engage with your customers after sending them ads, hence creating new revenue opportunities.

Join the Chat Commerce Business

Your teams will be empowered by the right customer data, adaptable workflows, and seamless cross-channel interactions as they engage people in innovative ways.
Our platform is user-friendly, quick to set up, and can integrated with  other systems upon request.
Your consumers will applaud you for offering a service that is so convenient and proactive!

We’ve got you covered, through any means, any location, any device.