Monty Mobile's Call Completion Suite boosts mobile operators' revenue potential. It increases the rate of successfully connected calls while providing subscribers with user-friendly services.

With approximately 30% of mobile-terminated calls are not connected because of insufficient balance, unavailability (out of coverage or phone is switched off), or the called party simply does not answer the phone, leading to losses worth millions of dollars for operators!

In a nutshell, subscribers who use Call Completion Suite stay connected at all times and never miss another call.

Our call completion suite consists of four services:

Call me back… Please?

Let’s start with the basic “Call me Back”. It is automatically activated and free of charge, when users attempt to call but do not have enough credits. A missed call notification is then sent to the recipient requesting them to call back.

The caller will be informed that he is "out of balance" and that a missed call has been issued on his behalf. The message also indicates how many “Call Me Back” attempts he still has for the month (as predefined by the mobile operator).

In other words, subscribers will complete their calls, and operators will make more profit from those who call back. A win-win situation!

Back to coverage: guess who’s back?

Have you ever been out of coverage or had your phone switched off but wanted to know if someone called you? Well, that’s what “Back to Coverage” is here for! When subscribers connect back to the network, they’re informed about call attempts while their phone was switched off or out of service. Therefore, callers are prompted to re-initiate their call, allowing the operator to earn additional revenues.

Subscribers can also be updated about the status of their callers as they connect again, with a two-text message service that notifies a caller when a previously unavailable called party becomes available.

Collect call: feeling generous?

Urgent calls demand a quick response, and probably the willingness to pay for them. When subscribers do not have enough balance to complete their call, they can ask the subscriber they are calling to pay for the call. How does it work? Well, when the recipient picks up, they hear an audio message informing them that the caller is asking them to pay for the call. They can either accept or decline the request. In case there is no answer, callers would receive an SMS notifying them about the status of the called party. When the callee is unavailable, our Call Completion platform will inform him with a missed call notification.

Operators can automate these reverse charge requests if the calling party is short on credits. This feature is a terrific way to connect urgent calls, however, when users become abusive of the service, subscribers can blacklist their numbers.

Split call: sharing is caring

“Split Call” asks the contacted party to pay for the received call, but not in full. As the name implies, “Split Call” divides the call fees between both subscribers, providing the called party accepts the request of the caller to do so. This works exactly like “Collect Call,” as the recipient hears an audio message informing them of the split charges request. The call is connected once the recipient approves, and then they decide on the split percentage. The callers receives an SMS in case the recipient is unreachable, does not answer the call, or rejects the service offer. If unreachable, the called party is also notified by our Call Completion platform.

This feature can also be automated by operators. Another perk, subscribers can backlist abusive numbers.

Voice mail: let them hear you

Sometimes you call someone, and they don’t pick up, but you just have to get it off your chest, and so, “Voice Mail” saves the day! Thanks to this service, users can leave a recorded voice message for each other which they can access later. The callers will be greeted by a personalized voice and invited to leave a message for the recipient. Moreover, subscribers can also set their whitelist and blacklist numbers for this service.

Let the calls connect!

Intensified competition has made Call Completion services indispensable. Therefore, it is important to ensure a seamless end-user experience by offering subscribers services that simplify their lives. This in turn will drive voice revenues and reduce costs on the operators’ network, as more calls are answered and returned, thus increasing mobile operators’ ARPU.