Gaming has come a long way in the last decade. Be it through the technology used to develop games, the quality of graphics, or even the overall gameplay experience. As a result, to ensure ultimate performance hardware became more expensive and games generally larger.

Therefore, in 2021, people have started considering gaming as an investment given the gargantuan budgets set to build a performing PC or purchasing a console. However, with the introduction of Cloud Services and GPU enhanced servers, experts were able to move the heavy lifting entirely to the cloud. All the game logic processing and heavy frame rendering is done on a remote server, and the player receives video stream of the game they are playing.

Gamers can therefore enjoy their favorite games, anywhere, anytime, and on device, without the need to worry about interminable downloads or trivial updates; essentially turning any screen with an internet connection into a gaming PC, for a fraction of the price.

Monty Cloud Gaming’s Experience

Monty Mobile offers businesses a fully customizable solution. Everything from the brand to the catalog can be easily customized to fit your and your customers’ needs.

Monty Mobile’s platform compiles over 150 premium AAA quality-tested games from the most revered publishers in the industry. And if you feel that’s not enough, users still have the option to link their Steam or Epic accounts and play all the games they have previously purchased, or you can even add your own licenses. We can therefore target families, gamers, and casual gamers alike.

Additionally, Monty Mobile offers constant server management and monitoring, and offer businesses full control over end user activity and data. Furthermore, Monty’s team of experts can swiftly handle all aspects of the integration process on any billing system or model.

Some Market Statistics

In the last two years, the gaming industry has witnessed an all-time high of 2.8 billion gamers world-wide. That number is expected to grow considerably as experts believe the industry will reach the 3 billion mark by 2023, with gaming quickly becoming the most popular form of entertainment.

Consequently, market analysts value the current cloud gaming market at $2B and project an 4X increase by 2025.

Propel Your Business

Monty Mobile gives Operator the chance to join the future of gaming by offering their customers a premium, ad-free, quality-tested gaming experience. On the other hand, we are offering Operators the chance to create a new stream of revenue, increase their ARPU, and the potential to monetize their 5G networks.