Nowadays, people without mobile phones are severely limited in their ability to fully engage in economic and societal activities, as phones are considered a vital component of our daily life. However, phones alone do not do the trick and need add-on services to provide a comprehensive customer journey, to constantly meet their subscribers’ needs. This is where Credit+ swoops in to save the day!

Credit + : A real savior

With Credit+, Operators can offer eligible subscribers additional credits on their existing loans while offering them the chance to benefit from the repayment instalment option.

VAS and Bundles

Eligible subscribers can request an advanced VAS bundle subscription or renewal at any time, regardless of their balance. They actually have the option to select their preferred repayment plan, whether in one payment, or partial monthly instalments.
With Credit+, mobile subscribers will be covered whenever they need to renew any VAS bundle increasing their service usage without any concerns of debt.

Enjoy Now, Pay Later.

Operators can now offer credits for their eligible subscribers via virtual credit cards in order to buy now and pay later through instalments at their convenience. This virtual credit card is not only a great digital payment solution, but also the smoothest and the most secure way for mobile subscribers to use their credits.

No More Missed Bills

Credit+ offers payment assistance to mobile subscribers who are unable to settle their utility bills. On top of its many features, it allows consumers to pay all of their utility bills through the operator's app. Subscribers who need to clear unpaid previous utility bills or postpone any current due, will no longer have to worry since Monty Mobile will be covering the total cost while allowing them to pay back through monthly instalments.

Easy mobile devices purchase

Let’s help your subscribers purchase their next mobile phone! Upon eligibility, the service grants them the possibility of settling their device purchase in monthly instalments, even if the Mobile Operator already has an existing device provider. Device lending service offers subscribers the opportunity to purchase mobile devices at affordable rates and with payment facilities.

Keep your subscribers active and enhance their customer journey!