If the question is about a modern-day payment method, DCB is the answer!

Monty Mobile’s DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) platform, also known as DOB (Direct Operator Billing), is a safe and reliable mobile payment model. It allows customers to pay for online content and services directly via their mobile phone bill!

The whole process is simple; transaction charges are either added to the phone bill, in the case of postpaid subscribers, or deducted from the balance in the case of prepaid subscribers.

So why waste time entering your credit or debit card details when you can make purchases instantly with DCB!

Redefining Mobile Payment Methods with DCB!

Today’s consumers are more digitally oriented and mobile savvy. Never have we witnessed such a rise in digital consumption patterns and mobile online purchasing of content, and services. Therefore, an immediate, convenient, cashless, and secure mobile payment method is crucial to grab their attention. Subscribers will be able to complete payments through a direct connection with the Mobile Operator.

With DCB, mobile operators will get the chance to ride the mobile commerce wave while merchants will be able to offer an additional billing option across multiple mobile devices. This will help in promoting their services – whether gaming, music & video, M-commerce, OTT, lifestyle digital services and so on – in new markets as they connect to hundreds of carriers, through this platform.

Change is Good!

There is no denying that credit cards and e-wallets are key payment methods. However, there are 2 billion unbanked adults worldwide. On the other hand, almost 7 out of every 10 people globally are mobile subscribers. Therefore, the potential market of customers buying digital content and services online exceeds 5 billion! This promising M-Commerce payment market provides a great opportunity for both Mobile Operators and Merchants alike.

Our DCB platform also guarantees an increase in subscriber’s loyalty and satisfaction. It provides the easiest, quickest, and secured payment method, with a fast two or three click check out experience. For example, if a user wants to sign up for Netflix using DCB, user will insert his MSISDN, insert the PIN code and subscribe, while the same transaction made by credit card will take around 18 clicks! And all you need is a mobile phone! No credit card details or exchange of personal or financial information, instead, consumers are verified via their mobile phone number using two-factor authentication.

Moreover, since DCB is directly linked to consumers’ mobile phone bill, it eliminates the need to sign in, each time one makes a purchase. The Telecom Operator processes all payments making the solution comparatively easier to trust.

One Less Problem to Worry About!

Mobile operators and merchants no longer need to worry about any technical integration complexity. With our DCB future-proof functionalities, ensure a smooth and seamless purchase experience for customers. We connect digital product and service merchants to the operator's billing system and handle all technical, commercial, and relational aspects.