Having to use a credit card each time you need to pay for any online purchase or subscription can be quite irritating. This is why a contemporary payment system like DCB is more than welcome these days.

Monty Mobile’s Direct Carrier Billing platform is exactly what you need especially if you’re looking for a safe and secure mobile payment method. Our innovative solution allows users to pay small amounts to subscribe to a gaming portal for example, in just a few clicks, only with their mobile credits. The quicker the better right?

Why is DCB popular?

Nowadays, mobile phones offer much more than a simpler mode of communication. They provide a seamless user experience combining both speed and convenience. These modern devices are becoming the go-to mediums for a variety of billing solutions. This in turn reduces the need for debit or credit cards while allowing unbanked populations to purchase services as well.

DCB vs. Other Mobile Payment Mechanisms

What is the main distinction between DCB and other more traditional smartphone payment methods, like mobile wallets? Direct Carrier Billing does not rely on banking infrastructure to execute a transaction. That being said, DCB has shown to be a very useful solution when it comes to online settings. But what is it about Direct Carrier Billing that makes it so appealing to mobile network operators, digital service providers, and end-users?

DCB main benefits

  • Providers get exposure to both undeveloped (underbanked) and developed markets
  • Users can enjoy the simplest purchasing experience in online environments, not relying on banking infrastructure.
  • Merchants benefit from greater conversion rates with carrier billing than with credit cards thanks to a shorter checkout procedure.
  • With Direct Carrier Billing, payments are completed in just a few seconds, hassle-free, and with no need to fill out any forms or sign up to any additional accounts.
  • Users are required to confirm the payment on a physical device. No need for any personal data during the payment process, which is what makes DCB a safe and secure platform.

With all this in mind, opting for Monty Mobile’s DCB solution would be the wisest choice.

Simplify your subscribers’ lives, and maximize your revenues at the same time!