SMS remains a trusted channel for communication and verification, but managing SMS traffic efficiently while ensuring security can be challenging. Here’s where B'Pal comes in, Monty Mobile’s comprehensive SMS management platform that empowers telecom carriers and service providers with advanced routing and monitoring capabilities.

What is B'Pal All About?

Monty Mobile's B'Pal SMS Management Platform is a versatile solution for SMS traffic management, catering to telecom carriers and service providers. It facilitates a full range of SMS transit and SMS retail services, ensuring that SMS traffic originating from OTTs, Enterprises, users, and advertisers is handled securely and efficiently through a range of advanced features.

Advanced Routing Features

B'Pal offers an array of advanced routing features designed to optimize SMS traffic management:

  • Dynamic Automated Routing: The system is capable of changing routes in real-time to maintain message delivery to specific destinations, ensuring efficient traffic distribution.
  • Content and Message Translation: Customize messages for different regions and languages, ensuring their effective delivery.
  • Intelligent Rating System: Set formulas at the route level to calculate rates based on predefined criteria, preventing rate loss and optimizing profitability.
  • DND Management: Block undesired SMS based on specific criteria such as destination numbers, message contents, or sender IDs, enhancing user experience and compliance.
  • Smart Wall Network Rules & Criteria: Empower users with granular control over SMS traffic. It enables rule-based filtering, categorization, and action based on various parameters, such as message type, content, sender details, and more.
  • HLR/MNP Service Integration: B'Pal connects with HLR/MNP service providers, enhancing routing capabilities by determining the best route based on recipient details.

Efficient Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring SMS traffic is crucial for security and performance. B'Pal offers robust monitoring and reporting tools:

  • Reporting Tools & CDR Generation: Generate comprehensive reports and Call Detail Records (CDRs) directly from the system for in-depth analysis.
  • Full Audit: Track all actions within the system, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Advanced Traffic Monitoring & Reporting: Keep track of SMS traffic, revenues, net profit, and more through an intuitive monitoring interface.
  • Smart Wall Reports: Smart Wall provides powerful reporting tools for traffic analysis, enabling users to generate various types of reports and monitor traffic based on specific criteria.

Why Choose B'Pal?

Monty Mobile’s B'Pal is more than just an SMS management platform; it's a comprehensive solution that offers flexibility, accuracy, and security. It automates operations, ensuring the safety and security of users while streamlining SMS traffic management. Moreover, B'Pal includes additional portals, namely:

  • SMS Portal: Empower users through this bulk SMS platform to integrate or manage their SMS campaigns, as well as send alerts and notifications.
  • SMS Reseller Plugin: Provide a white-labeled platform for resellers, supporting various features for both resellers and end users.
  • Reporting Panel: Offer a dedicated portal for clients, complete with comprehensive monitoring tools, interactive graphs, and detailed reports.

With B'Pal, you can extend your enterprise's reach, engage with consumers effectively, and ensure the safety of SMS communications. It's time to harness the power of B'Pal for efficient SMS management, advanced routing, and robust monitoring.

Choose B'Pal to enhance your SMS business operations, ensure compliance, and deliver a superior SMS experience to users.