While Audio Ring Back tone has been in the market for over 10 years, Mobile Operators are now able to take the first steps into entertainment and multimedia for their mobile subscribers thanks to Story RBT.

In 2020, an estimated 80% of worldwide internet traffic has been driven towards online videos and stories. This is why Mobile Operators are also now expected to support such platforms. In addition to providing video and digital services for their subscribers to keep up with OTT Competition.

An Enhanced Service

Monty Mobile has re-invented a new version of traditional RBT. It has enhanced it to a new level by combining customizable videos and audio content in a rich and trendy way. 

Story RBT, enables mobile subscribers to personalize the Calling experience. It allows their callers watch a video while the phone is ringing, replacing thus the traditional Audio RBT. ​

​With Story RBT’s personal library, end users will be able to select from a wide selection of video clips or pictures, or create their own customized videos and stories to use as a Video Ring Back Tone.​ The service offers mobile subscribers rich Multimedia features while providing easy to use management interfaces: IVR, SMS, USSD, Mobile Application and Web Portal, allowing subscribers to express themselves in a very individual way​.

A Wide Library of Content

Monty Mobile’s Story RBT application allows subscribers to further enhance their content with filters, colors, stickers, text, captions and filters. From photos, to short video clips, subscribers can create all kinds of content to use for their callers.​ Once the call is placed, the video clip will pop up and be played to the calling party until the call is answered by the calling subscriber. ​

This service will result with additional untapped revenue and high ROI for Operators. This in addition to an increase in ARPU and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Help your subscribers capture precious moments, customize special videos and more.