The world is in constant change, and adaptation is a must to stay in touch with the latest trends. Part of evolution is the development of technology; standards and specifications are always on the rise, and eSIM supported devices are invading the market. Therefore, mobile operators must integrate with a cloud-based Remote Sim Provisioning platform, so they don’t fall behind and offer a seamless experience to their users wherever they are.

That said, it’s time to ensure a smooth and well-equipped transition from physical SIM to eSIMs.

An eSIM Consumer Platform Like No Other

With their Instant-Connectivity platform, Monty Mobile allows network operators and consumers to benefit from the latest technology, as they take a step towards innovation. This platform also offers a comprehensive eSIM ecosystem, including but not limited to device entitlements, digital journeys, and eKYC.

Let’s Talk M2M… Machine to Machine

According to Forbes, M2M is one of the fastest-growing types of connected device technologies on the market right now. It has the ability to link millions of devices within a single network. It's actually a critical piece of technology that is now found in almost every house and workplace. The number of connected devices is rapidly increasing. Indeed, the GSMA estimates that by 2023, mobile connectivity will account for around 4.8 percent of global GDP. With connections reaching 25.2 billion by 2025, that's nearly $4.8 trillion in economic value.

Monty Mobile’s M2M eSIM Provisioning Platform at Your Service

Technology is redefining the concept of connected living, moving away from basic mobility solutions to hyper-connectivity in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Therefore, Monty Mobile prompts you to seize complete control, by fully integrating its M2M platform with your business and operational systems. The platform allows you to incorporate cellular mobile connectivity into any device, thus supporting the widest range of sensors possible for your applications. This makes sure that your consumers get the most value out of them.

Monty Mobile’s M2M Platform also includes standardized Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) for nearly any feature set, as well as a secure routing mechanism and a bootstrap connection. With our comprehensive solution, operators can connect and control M2M/IoT devices quickly and anywhere around the globe.

Your Supply Chain Simplified

The moment IoT devices are switched on, they are instantly connected to the operator’s network, reducing their reliance on Wi-Fi.

Monty Mobile provides a comprehensive system that allows operators and manufacturers to securely manage subscribers’ IDs, interconnection, and business agreements with various providers, and handle the complete lifecycle while generating income.

Wait no more, let the future begin!