The humble SIM card has survived for quite a while, but it’s no longer used in modern, premium phones. Instead, manufacturers incorporate embedded SIMs, or eSIMs, to identify the device to carriers.

The eSIM works the same way as a traditional SIM card, but with no need for a physical SIM card to use it. It is actually embedded in the device, and can be activated by installing an “eSIM profile” on it.   

At Monty Mobile, our RSP platform provides over-the-air update capabilities to any compliant eSIM that allows device makers, network operators and service providers to remotely manage subscriptions on these devices. It also enables secure subscription downloads and management.

A True Evolution

You can call it an evolution of the physical SIM card or a revolution in the digital world, but one thing is for sure, that more and more smartphones, tablets, wearables and laptops are equipped with an eSIM chip. 

Easy Carrier Switch

eSIM technology makes switching between carriers very simple. Instead of carrying more than one physical sim and replace them every now and then, you can make the switch right on your phone. There are a few new settings devoted to your eSIM card that allow you to switch between lines and carriers and manage accounts.

If you’re a dual-SIM user, eSIM technology supports up to ten accounts, and switching between them is extremely easy.

Ideal for frequent travelers, eSIM allows you to stay connected anywhere everywhere, no matter how often or how suddenly you change locations. Traveling gets much easier, especially for those frequently going back and forth between two countries. Business travelers, or expats who often visit their home country for instance, can keep two lines and easily switch from their home-based operator to their eSIM carrier.

With an eSIM compatible mobile device, you can get immediate connectivity wherever you are. Once the eSIM profile is installed, it’s always available and ready to use, and connects instantly to the internet.

eSIM Is Also Green

An extra benefit is that it’s definitely good for the environment!

These aren’t the only benefits, a very handy one is the absence of the physical SIM tray. No unnecessary space is taken, with the eSIM embedded on the device’s motherboard. This translates to a thinner design, larger battery, and so on.

The eSIM eliminates the logistical hassle of getting a physical SIM card. You won’t have to look for a store. No more looking for an ejector tool, or a paperclip to change SIMs either.

eSIM does not only have the potential to change the SIM technology landscape but also make a positive impact on climate change. By implementing an eSIM, users not only save themselves time, stress, and hassle, they also create less waste, which streamlines the production and distribution processes. With the ability to simply download your new eSIM, fewer SIM cards will be created, and less plastic used.

Lastly, Plastic SIM cards cause a complex logistic chain around the globe – mostly by plane. By comparison, the eSIM uses almost no physical logistics.

The eSIM has caught on, and is waiting for you to take advantage of it. Connectivity is key, IoT revenues for MNO’s from connectivity and their value added services are quite significant. With data about customer habits provided by the eSIM, valuable insight is provided for OEMs and MNOs to create newer products and services, increasing their business potential.

What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity and make the switch!