As an integral part of Digital Transformation, data analytics has become a “must-have” for MNOs today. However, MNOs find it quite challenging to get the most out of their huge amounts of data and use it to its fullest advantage. Here comes AI-powered Analytics as a crucial tool to help MNOs improve their operations, reduce churn, and drive new revenue streams.

When Data Analytics meets AI

AI analytics is a type of business intelligence that uses machine learning to discover patterns and relationships in data, automating much of the work that a data analyst would do. The aim is not to replace the analyst but to improve the speed, scalability, and granularity of data analysis. The use of machine learning algorithms in AI analytics enables constant monitoring and analysis of large amounts of data. Advances in AI and machine learning have necessitated the development of solutions like Omni-VAS, which automates and enhances the entire data analytics process and revolutionizes the speed and efficiency of knowledge generation from data.

Monty Mobile’s Omni-VAS

Get ready to step into a smarter world! Our OMNI VAS is an AI-based platform that leverages big data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning. It aims at increasing Mobile Operators’ revenues and service uptake and draws optimized decisions about any addressed challenge or opportunity.

From 24/7 Smart Customer Support & Smart Sales to a Smart Analytical Dashboard, Churn Management, Credit Scoring Automation, and finally, Content Curation, we have it all!

24/7 Smart Customer Support

In the era of digital transformation, customer satisfaction and engagement have become crucial for businesses to thrive. AI technologies such as chatbots, smart search engines, and sentiment analysis solutions are enabling 24-hour smart customer support, improving customer experience, and facilitating interactions. With Monty Mobile’s Omni VAS, you can leverage these tools to deliver seamless customer services 24/7, with an AI-based chatbot that handles routine customer queries in a way that looks and feels human, upsells, and cross-sells, detects fraudulent activities, provides smart search engines as well as sentiment analysis solutions, in addition to finding information instantly, and providing, therefore, valuable insights to improve your services by analyzing customer feedback.

Round-the-clock Smart Sales

To remain competitive in today's telecom industry, operators need to focus on developing a holistic way of evaluating individual subscribers in terms of their overall profitability. The solution to this need is an Intelligent Customer Value Management System (ICVMS), which enables you to analyze the value of each customer and identify opportunities for revenue growth. With ICVMS, you can achieve a 24-hour smart sales engine that delivers customized, real-time offers to your customers based on their needs, preferences, and behavior. Moreover, ICVMS offers tremendous gains in campaign management for telecom companies, including trigger-based marketing, predictive analysis, personalized recommendations, and upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Smart Analytical Dashboard

The Smart Analytical Dashboard is a powerful tool that offers a complete assessment and debugging of machine learning models. With this dashboard, users can evaluate model performance, explore data, and facilitate insight discovery through multiple charts. The dashboard also offers model interpretability and what-if analysis, allowing you to make informed data-driven decisions that drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the Smart Analytical Dashboard leverages intelligent algorithms to analyze gathered data into usable information, providing valuable insights on subscribers, services, usage, multimedia content, revenue, coverage, spread, incremental performance, marketing, and more.

Churn Management

Churn management is critical for MNOs to retain high-value customers and maintain a strong financial position. Using AI solutions, you can accurately predict churn tendencies and identify potential churners, allowing you to take proactive measures to retain customers. By analyzing the causes of churn, you can target specific customers with personalized offers, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. AI solutions for churn management help you address growing churn, unpredictable customer lifetime value, falling ARPU, competition, loyalty, and low customer satisfaction. In brief, the implementation of AI solutions for churn management is vital for MNOs seeking to retain their customers and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

AI-Based Customer Profiling

Monty Mobile's AI-powered Lending platform is an innovative solution that aims to maximize revenue-generating actions within your networks. This lending solution offers credit scoring automation, which enables MNOs to accurately determine the right amount of credit to lend to subscribers in need. The platform is empowered by AI that leverages Big Data, allowing you to undertake sophisticated calculations and obtain accurate results with a minimum error margin. The AI-powered customer profiling solution analyzes data in real-time for more accurate scoring and profiling, reducing therefore the time and risks associated with traditional lending methods.

Content Curation

Prepare to leverage AI-powered technologies to efficiently curate relevant service content and personalize VAS services for your users. AI-based solutions can be used to create, produce, and consume audiovisual content, optimizing the entire content lifecycle. The Smart Content Curation Solution is a powerful tool that uses AI algorithms to analyze user preferences and interests and generate relevant content, such as news, sports, and weather updates, that are tailored to individual users. Therefore, personalizing your VAS services can improve user engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

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In conclusion, the use of AI technologies in the mobile industry is increasingly popular as it provides numerous benefits to mobile network operators. AI-powered solutions offer 24/7 smart customer support, intelligent campaign management, around-the-clock smart churn management, and AI-based lending services with minimum error margins. Therefore, AI adoption is vital for MNOs to remain competitive in the evolving mobile industry.

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