Billions of A2P SMS are sent every day, making them a significant source of revenue for Operators worldwide. But where there is money, fraud tends to follow. So many A2P SMS get leaked and bypass security to avoid costs. So when A2P messages get terminated at low or no cost through grey routes, operators face substantial losses.

These types of situations call for the right solutions. Operators gain full control with our A2P SMS Monetization solution over their network traffic and guarantee that no SMS and no revenue are ever lost.

Monty Mobile to the rescue!

Monty Mobile provides the resources and knowledge you need to take command of your network. Our system ensures the delivery of every A2P SMS, making sure that operators receive their full share, thanks to the expertise and assistance of our professional staff. On top of that, you will benefit from yearly prepayments and monthly volume commitments!

Collect your righteous SMS termination fee and block all unauthorized routes. It is time you eliminate all A2P SMS threats and gain full visibility over your network in order to build sustainable revenue growth.

An advanced SMS firewall - “Smartwall”

Monty Mobile’s powerful and advanced SMS firewall “Smartwall”, is an integral part of its SMS Gateway Management system, with a long-proven record of effectiveness. Our SMS firewall detects all sorts of fraud and spam messages and provides around-the-clock testing and monitoring, equipping operators with all the compulsory tools to stop their leakages.

Our SMS firewall can:

  • Fight SMS Fraud
  • Detect & Block unauthorized SMS traffic
  • Stop revenue leakages

Take control over your traffic and get paid for every SMS reaching your network while ensuring that subscribers receive their A2P SMS on timely manner and through proper authorized channels.