Time to leverage our global expertise in A2P SMS
messaging to monetize your network

Nowadays, it is imperative for MNOs to choose an A2P provider that helps them identify monetization patterns while consistently leading their way to transformation. Our 20+ years of experience as an SMS provider combined with our in-depth industry knowledge can help telecoms maximize their A2P traffic revenue. With Monty Mobile’s A2P platform you can now maximize revenue, eliminate messaging threats and monetize traffic.
We secure messaging traffic on over 500 mobile networks

Detect, block, monetize

Our International A2P SMS (application to person messaging) Monetization solution offers a holistic approach to detecting and blocking A2P SMS messages reaching the network through grey routes, as well as spam. Thanks to our A2P monetization solution we make sure all your A2P traffic & A2P messaging is terminated through authorized partners, putting an end to any threat and turning the tables in your favor.

A filtering process tailored for you

Network threats are detected through a comprehensive filtering process with customized policies and tailored rules on our A2P messaging platform that can help block SMS threats. We work closely with our customers to provide them with A2P SMS services in order to create the right policies for their A2P Grey route blocking while configuring and updating white and blacklists for A2P SMS Messaging.

Optimized Monetization

Get paid for every international A2P SMS reaching your network and collect your righteous termination fee for every SMS delivered to your subscribers with our leading A2P security platform. Improve your network A2P SMS process by taking full control of your traffic, and benefit from prepayments and monthly volume
commitments, in addition to a set of fully managed services supporting you in leakage testing, tracing, blocking, and traffic collection.

Monetize your network with “Smartwall”
our state-of-the-art Firewall

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