With data, no Operator or telcos can be left behind; according to recent studies, telcos will have spent nearly two-fifths of their total spending on smart data. And it is to see why! Telcos have access to a surplus of information related to customers’ behavior, preferences, network performance, customer care, digital score, and more.

How Can Telcos benefit from M-Analytics?

The dilemma lies in the fact that although this vast amount of data can benefit telcos greatly; they suffer in finding the right platform for processing this influx of data.

Monty Mobile’s M-Analytics is the platform for data segmentation and user’s targeting that allows telcos to take fact-based decisions. This, while putting their data into work and gaining the deepest insights in customer behavior and usage based on customized ML and data science rules and algorithms. In addition, on a case-by-case basis, M-Analytics grants telcos a data monetization opportunity that helps them survive in the ever-competitive markets while generating more revenue.

M-Analytics makes sure to place security as a top priority, where we rely on the highest level of data confidentiality combined with a flexible and modular approach. Furthermore, M-Analytics will be deployed on premises and seamlessly integrated with existing systems with no single point of failure.

External data monetization is a must-have for telcos in this digital age. With our platform you benefit from increased revenues and ARPU with churn prediction. In addition to improved service quality, rewards optimization, and enhanced customer experience and many more.