So much potential lies within mobile advertising, which is why Monty Mobile has invested its resources in creating M-Rewards, a much-needed medium that offers operators access to the massively growing mobile advertising market, allowing them to claim their share of profits.

Modern times call for modern measures

In this modern world, mobile advertising is without a doubt the media channel that is expanding the quickest, and marketers are adopting it to maximize their reach.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the mobile advertising market is projected to grow from $144.08 billion in 2022 to $621.63 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 23.2% in the forecast period, 2022-2029.

A customized and targeted marketing plan is required for the best return on investment. M-Rewards does that by providing a win-win opportunity for operators, ad agencies, and subscribers all at once.

How does this work? Well, callers spend an average of 6 seconds waiting for their call to be connected. With M-Rewards, mobile operators get to seize this opportunity and offer ad agencies the opportunity to transform this dead time into a short and targeted audio advertisement that is fully heard.

A triple-win situation!

With M-Rewards, mobile operators finally get to generate the revenues they rightfully deserve, as their networks offer the connectivity required for the optimization of operations and growth of the digital and mobile advertising sector. Furthermore, subscribers collect points each time a caller listens to the ad, and can later redeem these points for rewards such as free SMS, free calls, and free data. Last but not least, advertisers benefit from a new cost-effective medium that guarantees better financial returns.

Adding mobile advertising to any advertising strategy is a smart choice! To this end, Monty Mobile’s M-Rewards promises full satisfaction for all three parties, through a mobile advertising solution that exceeds expectations.

Join the mobile ad revolution and uncover new opportunities!