Be at the forefront
of core messaging

A cloud connection platform to the world

Build a communication-first experience and enable a comprehensive conversation with one single platform. Flexible APIs for any channel, built-in intelligence, and global infrastructure… everything you need and more to level up your business.

The most comprehensive solution

With Monty Communication platform (MCP), you can now expand and optimize your range of offerings while enhancing customer conversation.
You can also benefit from our various channels (SMS, voice, OTT, chat bots, and email, to name a few) in order to offer an efficient and structured customer support and serve them in the best possible way.
Security, authentication, and enterprise customer engagement are all added value services you can take advantage of when using our comprehensive solution.

Unlock our
cutting-edge features

Through our messaging communication platform, you get to upgrade and scale your brand with the best features:

  • Earn more value from your existing customers by marketing your products with our vast range of solutions
  • Understand your customers with CRM and analytics, manage their profiles, handle their complaints with bots and agents, send notifications and other important information across all kinds of interactions
  • Engage your customers from your own apps, mainstream chat apps, and centralize all chats with a single dashboard
  • Create personalized interaction and engaging moments on your customers’ favorite channels
  • Track, prioritize and solve customer support tickets with an efficient ticketing system

And many more features to help you provide an impactful and seamless customer’s journey.

Join the Chat Commerce Business

Provide a service that is so convenient and proactive, and your customers will thank you for it!
Contextual data, flexible workflows, and seamless cross-channel communications empower your teams and help them engage people in new INNOVATIVE ways.
Fast and easy to set up, our platform is user-friendly and can be integrated with other systems upon request.

Find out more about each channel

We’ve got you covered, through any means, any location, any device.


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