There are so many gamers out there, and you might be one of them, but unfortunately, the latest games demand updated equipment that is getting more and more expensive. This is where Cloud Gaming comes in, offering everyone the equal opportunity to play and enjoy their time.

A world including all

Monty Cloud Gaming gives players the freedom to play any game, on any device, anytime, and with whoever they choose! No more downloading games into a local gaming system, games are now available at any moment.

The Ultimate Cloud Gaming Experience

First and foremost, Monty Mobile is dedicated to elevating the user experience and engagement to new heights, providing a new interface, and more games than you can dream of! On top of that, our white-label solution gives operators the freedom of using any brand they please, allowing them to implement their own branding strategies. Plus, the game catalog itself is customizable to suit their clients’ interests. Furthermore, the server is controlled and monitored 24/7, with end-user activity being saved and managed for monitoring and recording purposes.

With new games every week, compatible with any platform, boredom and dull moments have no place! More than 150 games will keep subscribers coming for more, regardless of their age or skill level.

What are you waiting for?

It is finally time to expand your market reach and take advantage of an ever-evolving world. Show off the power of your high-speed internet as you put it to good use, and watch the revenues flow in.

  • No in-game ads
  • Automatic updates on the cloud servers

The gaming industry is a completely new world to explore, so don’t delay and set sail to these new horizons, where possibilities are endless and new opportunities abound.