Whether you're gearing up for the Christmas season or getting ready for Black Friday, here is the best way to engage your customers before the end of the year. Get yourself in the inbox this season, and learn how Monty Communication Platform may benefit your company's growth, sales, and customer experience.
Offer your customers what they want and need, give them value, respond to their concerns, and encourage them to engage with your company more frequently. Because as we all know, online communication has boomed during and after the pandemic. People are happier to engage with brands on digital channels because it gives them a sense of comfort and efficiency.

Do you know what customers love? Conversations!

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, 73% of consumers prefer to purchase online through multiple channels. Offer an all-in-one solution that unifies more than 20 communication channels with Monty Communication Platform; and create a seamless customer journey, where clients will either get their answers from artificially intelligent chatbots or agents allocated to meet their specific needs on whatever channel they feel comfortable using. Everything is solved through conversation and good customer service; The Salesforce 2022 research shows that 71% of customers changed brands at least once in the previous year. Greater offers, better product quality, and better customer service were the top three factors.

Segment your audience smartly

According to studies, a consumer must view an advertisement seven times before thinking about making a purchase. Engagement is a fantastic way to increase brand recognition, and with Monty Communication Platform joining more than 20 channels, it is guaranteed that customer engagement will skyrocket, as communicating with your clients becomes easier. Moreover, for in-store visits, omnichannel techniques are also advantageous. According to data gathered by Think with Google, omnichannel tactics increase consumer shop visits by an additional 80%.

Understand your buyers and their journey

Engage with clients and benefit from hints as to what their demands are. With Monty Communication Platform, you can use Social media, polls, or interviews, to interact with your customers. You can also hook your clients by sending them broadcasts about your Black Friday offers and showing them every aspect of your services. Clients tend to reveal their demands and objectives through these interactions granting you extensive knowledge and insights. This knowledge is essential for assisting you in developing goods or services that add value for customers.
The customers want to be able to shop on their own terms: when, where, and how they wish. They want to access their shopping cart on any channel or device and even in-store

Bigger hearts lead to bigger carts

About 90% of retail executives, according to Research Live, agree that a successful omnichannel strategy is essential for company growth. Moreover, numerous marketing studies indicate that interested clients are likely to spend more money. This shows that purchasing is becoming a more emotional activity. This is exactly what we offer through our platform, the possibility to connect with your customers on a personal level. Consumers frequently decide to purchase products from trusted businesses; more money and bigger orders will be placed with you as their trust in you grows. Spread the love, and you’ll get it back!

Champion a seamless customer journey

Omnichannel marketing, which involves consistently communicating with your clients across several platforms, is becoming more and more significant. According to research from Omnisend, multichannel marketing may generate almost six times more sales than single-channel marketing. This is mostly thanks to customer engagement, which transforms consumers into brand advocates. Customers who are pleased with your goods or services are more likely to recommend your company to others through social media, word-of-mouth, and other channels. As a result, it's critical to interact with them on social media, continuously respond to product-related inquiries, and even inspire potential clients to visit you in person. By doing this, you'll be investing in those who will subsequently invest in you! This is made easy through Monty Communication Platform because meaningful interactions are created, where customers feel at home and that they are always personally thought of and considered.

Power up your customers

The final plan of action is to be adaptable. Give clients influence over the experience to develop a successful omnichannel. Hence your customers are more likely to be pleased with the outcome if they have a choice in how they connect with your business. According to Salesforce’s 2022 analysis customers turn to an average of nine different channels to communicate with companies. With Monty Communication platform you are giving them several alternatives to pick from, so they can employ whatever one suits them most at any given time.

This Black Friday Choose Monty Communication Platform!

Jump into our inbox and provide seamless customer service and a personalized shopping experience with Monty Communication platform! This holiday season businesses can expect to see record-breaking transactions as customers grab once-in-a-year deals.
People are depending more and more on social media for their shopping, connecting with vendors through channels like Instagram or messaging apps. Studies show that 64% of people would prefer to message a business than call them, demonstrating the need to change traditional buyer-company connections. Indeed, 54% of respondents utilized WhatsApp for customer support, according to a 2018 YouGov survey that tracked changes in how individuals connect with businesses using the messaging platform.

It's time to adapt

From improved customer engagement to a high level of brand awareness, you can give people what they need, increase your sales significantly, and gain brand ambassadors and loyal lifetime customers!
The world is changing and it is time to adapt! Monty Communication Platform is the tool you need to go hand in hand with our fast-evolving world. For this Black Friday and the years to come, it is a guarantee that Monty Communication Platform will see your business flourish and prosper.

Invest in your clients and they will invest in you!