Fintech, is now making finances easier with the ability to save, borrow and invest online or with a mobile device, without ever dealing with a traditional bank. In fact, Fintech products are designed to connect consumers’ finances with technology making things easier and faster. Indeed, The ability to bank wherever and however you want is one of the main benefits of mobile and online banking solutions.

A world of possibilities for Telcos

Two types of corporations control access to the most important platform for businesses today: Smartphone Manufacturers and Mobile Network Operators. Indeed, smartphone and connectivity are at the heart of every digital service that exists today.
While smartphone manufacturers are best positioned to control the gateway into one’s digital life, operators are in a power of connectivity and distribution.

Telcos should be at the very heart of the digital and fintech revolution. After all, they provide all the bandwidth we use to access the web. They also provide the handsets themselves. Operator’s networks are fully aware of all our online payments, our diary, our email and all our web searches possessing an accurate and huge database that cannot be found anywhere else.

Monty Mobile dives into the world of Fintech

There is now a clear demand for banking processes based on a simple and straightforward approach with consumers moving towards digital banking and fintech services and solutions to perform a lot of their daily needs. Many tools are offering features that were not doable through traditional banking methods. In fact, the evolution in fintech technology is expected to further trigger the growing demand for such services

“Entering the world of fintech was not an easy decision nor an easy implementation. However, this step was much needed to cope with current global demands and trends. This line of business will offer us new challenges in terms of new products and services to forge, and, at the same time, it will open new opportunities for Monty Holding,” explains Mountasser Hachem, CEO of Monty Mobile.

With every sector having to adapt to the changes of customer demand, now more than ever, Monty Mobile is willing to offer its digital platforms to make sure organizations have not only the ability to not just develop digitization to meet current demands and improve services, but to also keep up with new future trends

My Monty, your limitless digital bank

Monty Mobile is proud to be launching My Monty, a groundbreaking digital bank, offering the fastest, most secure, and unrivaled global digital banking experience that goes beyond traditional means, services, and outcomes, anytime, anywhere.

My Monty allows you to open a bank account in 30 seconds from the comfort of your home, top up your account and enjoy transactions anywhere in the world with market exchange rates and no hidden costs.

My Monty will incorporate many banking and financial services that go beyond the need for any traditional bank access. From payment gateways and financial advisory services, to digital and core banking as well as direct carrier billing, our fintech solution will enable us to target and offer financial inclusion to many unbanked regions with over one billion residents who have no access to traditional banking services, thus fulfilling our main purpose and mission.

The road to the future starts now!

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