The leading global telecommunications company, Monty Mobile, specializing in innovative technology solutions, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Etisalat Afghanistan, a leading telecom operator in Afghanistan and an affiliate company of UAE`s Etisalat Telecommunication Group. This partnership aims to revolutionize the Value-Added Services (VAS) landscape in Afghanistan, enhancing customer experiences and driving sustainable growth.

As part of this collaboration, Monty Mobile's cutting-edge Service Delivery Platform (SDP) has been deployed in Etisalat Afghanistan, positioning Monty Mobile as the mVAS Master Aggregator for the operator. SDP offers a unified service delivery architecture, consolidating VAS applications into an optimized configuration with seamless integration into the mobile network. Its objective is to support the growth of Etisalat Afghanistan's Value-Added Services by expanding into new markets, optimizing existing services, onboarding valuable content, and expanding the customer base through targeted marketing. This partnership between Monty Mobile and Etisalat Afghanistan represents a significant milestone in the telecommunications industry, uniting expertise and resources to enhance revenue generation, improve performance and user experience, all while elevating Value-Added Services.