Monty Mobile has signed a reseller agreement with Unico to sell and implement the uPair Entitlement Server into the Middle East and African markets. Monty Mobile will be supported by Unico in deploying uPair, an end-to-end world class Entitlement Server for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) which aims to drive down costs and address an underserved market in the region.

uPair enables fast end-user activation of primary and secondary eSIM services without the need for on-premises deployment. It allows users to connect multiple SIM and eSIM enabled devices to one number and service - including Google, Samsung, and Apple products. uPair leverages RESTful and TMF interfaces along with a range of additional functions providing support for the comprehensive lifecycle management of connected mobile and wearable devices.

Monty Mobile and Unico will support MNOs with device manufacturer certifications and training to ensure world class customer service. This alliance will drive the creation of advanced solutions in the smart connectivity space and establish a complete world class eSIM solution within ME & Africa.

About Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile positions itself as a leader in SMS/VAS and eSIM technologies, facilitating the international flow of Voice and SMS across global markets, by working closely with worldwide enterprises aggregators and mobile operators.

With more than 20 years of experience, Monty Mobile has become a key regional player in the telecommunication business, delivering the promise of the best possible digital innovative technologies; eSIM solutions being the core of the collaboration with Unico.

Monty Mobile is recognised for its in-house development, customised state-of-the-art products, and services. And in its quest to constantly evolve, it has partnered with Unico, providing a complete eSIM solution, including it on wearables.

About Unico

Unico was founded by Geoff Illing and Mike Palmer in 1984 to solve some of the most complex business and technology problems across Australia & Asia Pacific.

Now boasting a team of nearly 160 members across Australia, Unico is proud to offer its customers full onshore service and support. Its team of highly skilled professionals understand the technology landscape and the business challenges faced by Australian organisations.

Working with some of Australia’s largest organisations within Telco, eCommerce, racing, consumer business, utilities and defence, Unico is highly regarded within the tech industry for the reliable delivery of career-spanning work, including an unbreakable solution for Australia’s largest Telco.

The team of software engineers, developers, technology specialists and consultants are passionate about helping Unico’s customers deliver their business strategy through seamless and smart technology solutions, striving to deliver a high level of service and customer experience.

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