With Children and young adults spending over a third of their time online, digital safety has become indispensable. Parental control apps started gaining immense popularity among parents who seek to keep a regular check on their children’s online activities to save their kids from unwanted and dangerous mishaps of the internet world!

Monty Mobile presents “Safe Surf”, a new Parental Control application that takes screen time parenting to a whole new level. Safe Surf gives mobile subscribers the visibility, control and protection they need for screen time parenting.

Subscribers will be able to access instant reporting of internet searches, application usage, downloads, and call and SMS logs. In addition, the platform also will also provide Mobile Operators with an additional revenue stream simultaneously strengthening their subscribers’ loyalty and increasing their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

Designed with parents in mind, Safe Surf goes beyond the usual parental control apps and allows parents to monitor their kids’ incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. Parents will also be able to track their children’s device location, see screen time usage for the day, and be able to customize protection and control how their child is using their device by scheduling curfews, and blocking content and apps usage.  This is bundled with advanced dashboard for a 360° view at all times.

With Safe Surf, Mobile Operators can now give parents insights and power to guide their family’s internet usage and digital habits, ensuring everyone is digitally safe.